Announcement: as of 2018, we have ceased all our operations and no longer offer flight planning services or consulting. However, we wanted to leave this website online, since many readers have told us that the content is useful as a reference. Thus, if you send us an email or have questions, please understand that our response may be delayed since we do not frequently check the mailbox.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, and wish all amateur HAB enthusiasts the best with their projects!

We are aimed at decreasing the cost and complexity of near-space weather balloon projects by providing free tools and paid products and services.

Free Near space Tools and resources

From our pre- and post-flight planning tools, Parachute and Balloon size estimators, to our All-in-One near-space instruction manual and user guide, we aim to lower the barrier to achieving spaceflight and to enable anyone with any background to send their payload to near-space.

hardware solutions

With multiple years of near-space experience, several launches, and diverse Aerospace and Systems Engineering backgrounds, our designs are flight tested and space proven to give you the highest probability of recovery at the right price. Options available from barebones DIY kits to all-in-one solutions for the rookie space cadet.

consulting services

If you would like to send something to near-space and need advice, flight planning services, or are perhaps just looking to contract someone to do it for  you, we are eager and excited to work with you to accomplish your goals.